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F7 Medical Equipment stands as a dedicated company serving clinics, healthcare facilities and hospitals by providing premium medical equipment. We offer ventilators for rent or sale. We focus on achieving customer satisfaction, motivating us to provide unparalleled supplies and services. Regular and thorough equipment scrutiny which  guarantees safety and dependability. We uphold protocols and elevated quality standards, emphasizing flawless sanitization, sterilization, and product integrity. Enrich your healthcare framework with F7 Surgical Equipment.


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Ventilator On Rent

Ventilator On Rent

artificial breathing machine, available for rent or sale, serve as indispensable medical apparatuses which aids or regulates respiration in individuals facing acute respiratory failure. These devices prove vital for patients struggling with insufficient independent breathing, providing life-sustaining assistance and enhancing oxygenation within the body. As well as addressing diverse medical conditions like respiratory distress syndrome, COPD, and severe asthma.

portable ventilator have capacity to fine-tune air pressure and volume, ensuring optimal ventilation and oxygenation. These devices vigilantly track breathing patterns, effecting real-time enhancements. In critical care scenarios, ventilators play a major role in assisting patients. Explore our offers for ventilator rental and sales, which has  versatility and life-saving potential.


Simple Steps To Use Ventilator On Rent :

  1. Assess the Patient:
    • Evaluate the patient’s respiratory status, vital signs, and medical history.
  2. Gather Equipment:
    • Ensure you have all the necessary equipment, including the ventilator machine, tubing, oxygen supply, and appropriate-sized endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube (if needed).
  3. Connect Ventilator Tubing:
    • Connect the ventilator tubing to the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube.
  4. Set Ventilator Parameters:
    • Adjust the ventilator settings based on the patient’s specific needs, including:
      • Tidal volume: The amount of air delivered with each breath.
      • Respiratory rate: The number of breaths per minute.
      • Inspiratory-to-expiratory (I:E) ratio: The ratio of time spent inhaling to time spent exhaling.
      • Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP): Pressure applied at the end of exhalation to keep airways open.
      • Fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2): The percentage of oxygen in the delivered air.
    • Choose appropriate ventilation mode (e.g., volume control, pressure control) based on the patient’s condition.
  1. 5.Monitor the Patient:
    • Continuously monitor the patient’s vital signs, oxygen saturation, and the ventilator’s alarms and settings.
    • Adjust ventilator settings as needed to maintain proper oxygenation and ventilation.
  2. 7. Extubation:
    • Remove the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube once the patient demonstrates the ability to breathe independently.
    • Monitor the patient closely for any signs of distress following extubation.
  3. 8. Document Care:
    • Document all relevant information, including ventilator settings, patient responses, and any complications.

Types of Ventilator On Rent:

Invasive Ventilators: These devices utilize endotracheal tubes or tracheostomies to facilitate direct air delivery into the lungs.

Non-Invasive Ventilators: Setting a non-intrusive tone, these ventilators employ masks or nasal prongs, directing air through oral or nasal pathways, eliminating the necessity for invasive methods.


Available Medical Ventilator On Rent Brands:

  • Philips
  • ResMed
Ventilator On Rent

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